Mo Leverett

25 Years Later

Dear Friends,

Twenty-five years ago at this time I was wrapping up a seminary degree and searching missionary support for the venturous success – Desire Street Ministries. God worked. He preceded us. We saw it first hand.

I used to playfully remark, tongue in the proverbial cheek, that after a 15 year commitment to one of the most challenged urban communities in the country, I would have finished my life’s work…right in time for my personal mid-life crisis. I’ve rarely been more prophetic.

After a devastating hurricane – my 40’s flew by – marked by deep grace, healing, restoration. This year I turn 50 and I’m cranking it up again – not altogether the same person – a little scarred – but more the wiser.

Lori and I have purchased a home in the Northeast quadrant of Jacksonville with a view to a new urban ministry launch – called Rebirth Community Ministries. We’re presently running youth Bible Studies and tutoring programs already out of our home – placing young men, women in jobs, sending some to college while promoting healthy self-reliance, sacred surrender and supporting their pursuit to become all God created them to be! We envision these efforts in indigenous leadership development to lead to a community center, school, church and a headquarters for advancing the mission of God in pockets of poverty around this country and beyond.

So we are once again humbly seeking your prayers and involvement.

We have full-support from our home fellowship, River City Church. We’re seeking partnerships with others – individuals and churches. Having just completed my 12th CD project, I’m gearing up for the troubadour missionary role I’m accustomed to – my little musical tent-making enterprise to fuel a movement. 

Let me know if you have interest in hearing more, scheduling a concert in your home or church or would like to discuss the opportunity to support this new effort.

Until then, I am your servant,

mo leverett,


p.o. box 2174

Jacksonville, FL 32203