Mo Leverett



Mo Leverett was involved in urban ministry in New Orleans for almost 20 years in what was considered one of the worst housing projects in the US (per HUD), Desire Street. He founded Desire Street Ministries which included a church, community center, health clinic, private Christian academy for urban boys and many other community development and ministry initiatives.

After the destruction of his community in Katrina, Mo launched Rebirth Community Ministries to advance urban ministry initiatives stateside and worldwide. He has replicated his model of incarnational urban ministry, indigenous leadership development and community transformation initiatives by recruiting and training next-generation urban ministry leaders in the Mississippi Delta, Dallas, East St. Louis, Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Orlando, Jacksonville and other cities across the United States. Mo is a leading thinker and proponent of the theological principles that undergird works of incarnational ministry and has been sought to teach those principles across the country and all over the world.

Rebirth Community Ministries has three major areas of ministry involvement: (1) launching an incarnational urban ministry in Jacksonville, FL where he resides; (2) encouraging and supporting a movement of new ministry launches in World-Class cities here in the United States; and (3) to cultivate international partnerships with indigenous populations among the poor.

The vision is to see a growing armies of thriving, reproducing incarnational works that develop leaders, plant churches and transform individuals and communities into all they were created to be by God’s design. Not only does Rebirth hope to see persons embracing faith in Christ, but responsively ushering the Kingdom principles and attributes of Christ into their families and communities.

Mo’s wife Lori, who has a rich background in managing non-profit ministries serves as the organization’s Executive Director, freeing Mo to be the consultant, teacher, writer and movement leader God created and called him to be.

Currently they conduct bible studies on Sunday and Wednesday at their home in Jacksonville.  There are about 30 youth involved on a weekly basis.  Dinner and bible study are a big hit!!